Meeting Place Sparrow FoundationNear the beach, in the middle of the neighbourhood Lazareto, Sparrow has built a meeting place. This building is meant to be a place where the people of Lazareto can come whenever they like. Lazareto is one of the poorest neighbourhoods of Calapan. The main part of Sparrow’s work happens here. At the meeting place people can get information about the Scholarship Program or present and discuss a business plan for the Small Business Program. But people are also welcome to just come in for a chat or prayer with one of Sparrow’s employees. Furthermore at the end of August there will be bible lessons at this place every week.

The meeting place is built on a lot Sparrow has on loan from the owner. This area is the poorest part of Lazareto. Houses are made of thin wooden boards and/or leaves, and running water or electricity are not available. By building this meeting place Sparrow wants to show the community her long-term involvement.