Scholarship Program

Scholarship Program Sparrow Foundation

Every child has a right to education. Through education they can learn skills that are useful for the rest of their lives. It gives the opportunity to build a future. It provides access to public services and helps to participate in local policy making. Above all education improves the opportunity of getting a job, and therefore the chance to provide the family with basic needs. Through the education of a child the whole family can benefit.

Sparrow supports children at several levels of education: primary, secondary and higher education. Sparrow only sponsors those children who would have no chance to go to school without a scholarship. Sparrow covers all necessary costs of a school year, such as registration fees, lecture fees, uniform, books, school supplies, project materials, and if necessary transportation costs. Besides this, children can participate in bible studies organized weekly by Sparrow. Primary education costs about €50 per year per child. Secondary education costs about €200 and higher education about €600 per year per child.

A unique aspect of Sparrow’s Scholarship Program is the intensive contact with the child, the parents and the teachers throughout the whole year. Children leaving school prematurely is a big problem in the Philippines. By visiting the parents and the child personally several times a year we aim to establish a strong relationship, emphasize the importance of education and signal problems at an early stage.

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