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At the end of last year two young women came to us to talk about their wish to start their own business in order to make their own money. Both women love cooking and baking and really liked to use this in their company.

Sparrow wants to help them to set up a small bakery where no oven is needed. An oven is very expensive and if it breaks down after a while or has to be replaced the costs will be too high and because of this the bakery will likely cease to exist.

Last time we searched for several recipes of products that can be made without an oven and tested them. We also developed a course on recipes, price fixing, saving, hygiene and how to sell products in an attractive way. We invited five women to attend our weekly lessons.

Last week the first lesson was held and it was pleasant and informative. At the end of the morning the women went home full of self confidence with their homemade products, to sell them that afternoon. Some women got nice compliments on their products.

We are still looking for sponsors to cover the costs of the weekly lessons and the materials to start the small bakery. If you want to help us you can donate online or send your donation to: Bank account number: 1114.80.035, Stichting Sparrow in Oldekerk, The Netherlands, IBAN: NL10RABO0111480035 BIC/SWIFT: RABONL2U. Please mention: ‘Small Business Program’.

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First polvorones

First lesson: polvorones