Reymundo is a single father with 10 children. Because he has hardly any income, they live in extreme poverty. Because of tuberculosis Reymundo’s lungs are severely damaged. His heart had to work much faster to be able to transport enough oxygen through his body. Due to this the size of his heart has increased and cannot do its work properly anymore. Reymundo’s liver is also damaged, so prescribing medication is difficult, because the medication almost always has to be processed by the liver.

At the moment Reymundo has been hospitalized by Sparrow for the third time in half a year. His condition is bad and the lung, heart and liver damage cannot be cured. In order to provide his heart with some rest, it is important to use an oxygen mask when he sleeps at night.

Sparrow is concerned about this family and we will try everything to help him to be a father for his children as long as possible. The costs of his treatment are estimated at 1200 euros, including the two previous hospitalizations and the expensive medication he uses for half a year now. The costs of this third hospitalization and the oxygen he has to use after he leaves the hospital are not covered yet. We hope you will help us.