On Thursday February 25th Raichelle has been admitted to the hospital. She is four years old. She had fever and complained a lot about abdominal pain. Therefore Raichelle’s parents took her to Sparrow’s Medical Outreach. Unfortunately the medication the doctor gave her did not work out. In the week following the Medical Outreach the fever got worse and Raichelle cried a lot because of her abdominal pain. Other moments she was very quiet and absent.

A medical examination in the hospital learned that Raichelle has many worms in her abdomen, probably because of the poor hygienic situation in Lazareto. Last Monday Raichelle was released from hospital, but she has to use medication for five more months. Fortunately she is doing much better now.

The costs of the hospitalization and the medication for five months are 200 euro’s. It would be wonderful if you could contribute for this, so we will be able to provide Raichelle with the complete medical treatment she needs. It is difficult for us to express the distress and the gratefulness of the people in Lazareto by a written text. Maybe the words spoken in tears by Raichelle’s dad after the hospitalization of his daughter speak for themselves: “I will never in all my life forget what you have done for my family. Thank you.”