VILMAs Sparrow Foundation

Vilma’s RTW, a clothes shop in Calapan, has donated a large amount of clothes to Sparrow for the children in Lazareto.

Lazareto is one of the poorest neighborhoods in Calapan, where children’s clothes often are full of holes. Because of the relationship Sparrow has built with the inhabitants, we are able to give the clothes to those families who need them at most. So we are very happy with Vilma’s RTW’s donation.

But there is another reason why this donation is great. This is the first time Sparrow receives a large donation of a Philippine company. We consider this a reward for the activities we are building up in Calapan. Sparrow wants to be a witness of the kingdom of God through its work. We also aim to become one of the most professional organizations of this province. We are close to reaching this goal, because of our project approach, our thorough knowledge of development assistance and our continuously increasing contacts with government agencies.