Vleugje van Toen - Sparrow Foundation

Sparrow Foundation is very happy to announce that ‘Vleugje van Toen’ has decided to sponsor Sparrow’s work.

Vleugje van Toen is a web shop for handmade bags with a wink at former times. Because of the use of old fabrics each bag has its own character. The bags are unique: there is only one of each, especially for you! Or to give away…

Vleugje van Toen’s facebook-page is recommended too. On this page you can find the latest news, photo’s of happy customers and photo’s of work in progress.

Since its foundation in 2009 Sparrow Foundation has been sponsored by several companies who have Sparrow’s work at heart. Company sponsoring has played an increasingly important role in Sparrow’s almost four years existence for the realization of its projects. On the ‘Sponsors’ page you can find an overview of all companies who support Sparrow’s work with a financial contribution or with their services. We want to ask you if you want to sponsor us with your company too or if your employer would be willing to. With your help we can make a lifesaving impact on the slum of Lazareto.

Thank you for considering this!