AmandoI was born in Mindanao and presently residing at Baco, Oriental Mindoro, 15 minutes drive to Sparrow Foundation office. I’m the sixth sibling among eight. I graduated at the Divine Word College of Calapan, Oriental Mindoro, taken up Bachelor of Arts major in History. I have been working with the indigenous people of the province. Also I have been working with some of the Christian Mission organizations here in the Philippines and for five years I worked in Saudi Arabia.

Ellie and Remco invited me to join with Sparrow Foundation. I did’t make a double mind to join with them. I’m a volunteer staff of Sparrow Foundation, facilitating the foundation’s programmes like Scholarship Program, Medical Fund, Open Office, etc.

Besides working with Sparrow Foundation, I’m doing mission to the Mangyans, an indigenous people of the Province of Mindoro Island (a mountain people). 75% of them are illiterate. We are helping them through Adult Literacy Class after farming. 25% of the Mangyans go to school to get a formal education through local sponsorship. The mortality rate is 80%. Medical attention is a big problem for them. We facilitate them in coordination with other government offices.

Working in a Christian organization like Sparrow Foundation is a little bit challenging for me. I’m depending on my “faith” in God because I’m not financially stable. Sometimes it’s difficult for me to continue with my mission but God reminds me “Don’t be afraid, I am with you”. I love to work with people, especially those people who have a weak faith in God. Sharing God’s word is my greatest performance of my life. For God’s grace He will save and protect me.