Sparrow needs your help to raise 300 euro’s within a week, to make it possible for Madeline to have a surgery on December 10th.

Madeline is a 52-years old single woman. She lives in Lazareto together with her mother. She used to work as a nanny in Manila and was able to provide her mother and herself with the daily needs.

Last year she was diagnosed with breast cancer. She had a lot of pain, which forced her to resign from her job. Her mother and she do not have any income now and live from small gifts family members give them, but they themselves live below the poverty threshold as well.

The breast cancer has to be treated and the doctor scheduled a surgery on Friday December 10th. By this surgery her breast shall be removed.

Madeline has no financial means to pay for the surgery’s costs, because she does not have a job and her family is very poor. Sparrow really wants to help her, but this means we have to raise 300 euro’s in less than a week’s time. Do you want to help us to make this surgery possible for Madeline?