Due to all organizational changes Sparrow’s news page has been a bit quiet for a while. This does not mean nothing happened. Sparrow’s work continues. Sparrow’s colleagues in the Netherlands and the Philippines contact each other on a weekly basis and in the meantime everybody has gotten used to the new way of working.

There has been a party in the Philippines. Marjorie as well as John Reddick graduated from secondary school. Sparrow has sponsored their complete study. When we met Marjorie and John Reddick they did not attend school. They finished primary school, but their families did not have the financial means to let them go to secondary school. Marjorie helped her mother with the chores and with the care for her younger brothers. John Reddick earned a small income by selling coconuts. When Sparrow offered them a scholarship to go to school again, they grasped this chance with both hands. It was difficult to get used to the school rhythm again. Marjorie failed for English the first school year, but she was allowed to start the second year after attending a summer school during the holidays. Now they both graduated after four years of hard work and with Sparrow’s help they will continue studying. Marjorie wants to become a teacher and has begun her study to become a school teacher already. John Reddick has started a study at a maritime school.

In the meantime the summer holidays have finished for the other children too and a new school year has begun. We are still looking for new sponsors. Will you help us to give these children a future? For more information on our Scholarship Program see our project page.

Finally I want to finish this news article by mentioning that Joy, our first student who has graduated last year on Political Science, has got a permanent contract now at the Department of Agriculture.

Marjorie - Sparrow Foundation

Marjorie in her graduation robe