Bouwbedrijf Notebomer

Bouwbedrijf C.P. Notebomer, a building company and sponsor of Sparrow since Sparrows start, exists 25 years this year. They celebrated this anniversary with a big party. They asked the guests to donate to one of two charities instead of giving them a present. Sparrow was one of these charities.

We congratulate Bouwbedrijf C.P. Notebomer with its 25 year anniversary and thank them for their dedicated sponsoring of Sparrow. We can make a difference for the people of Lazareto also thanks to Bouwbedrijf C.P. Notebomer. We used the large donation of the celebration for Sparrows Medical Fund to provide people with medical help they cannot afford otherwise. We and all patients of the Medical Fund want to thank Bouwbedrijf C.P. Notebomer and all people who donated to Sparrow at the 25 year anniversary party for their generous gift.