Alexander Sparrow Foundation

Today Alexander has had an accident at his work. Alexander lives in Lazareto and works on a garbage truck. Standing on top of the vehicle he sorts out the waste which is thrown into the vehicle by his colleagues. During his work he fell off the vehicle because a low hanging electricity cable hit him. The cable caused cut wounds and he his head was bleeding.

Because of the Easter holidays Alexander and his family could not reach the local authority services and could not get medical help from the authorities. It is not sure if he can expect help from the government. Since waiting can be fatal in his situation, we decided to help Alexander until this is clear.

At the moment Alexander is in the hospital and is waiting for the CT-scan results.

We hope you will help us to bear the costs of Alexander’s medical treatment. Right now the medical costs of several people we are treating are not fully covered by donations. Because of this our Medical Fund balance is very low. We hope we can count on your support, so we can continue to give medical care to those people who do not have access to it without our help.

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Sparrow is recognized as an Algemeen Nut Beogende Instelling (ANBI). This means that gifts to Sparrow are tax deductible. For more information about this arrangement visit the website of the belastingdienst.